Wowwee Robotics Roboquad Toy – A Cute RC Robot


Wow Wee Robotics Roboquad is the latest R/C Robots release from Wow Wee. It’s a spider-like robot that has four legs, and it comes with a remote control that you can use to be in command of its movements and even its behaviors.

If you like remote control toys and if you like robots then this toy is definitely for you. It is above all other remote controlled or robot toys that are out in the market right now. While Wow Wee is known for providing toy lovers with great robot toys that they will surely enjoy, they have created the ultimate rc robot product with the Wow Wee Robotics Roboquad.

Have you seen the movie iRobot? Though the robot is pretty far from the robots of that movie, we are given a glimpse of how robots will look and act like given a few years of research and production. The toy seems like it has a mind of its own. Yes you will still be using a transmitter to control the product, but it can already do so much just as long as you adjust the proper settings before leaving it to itself. And what other toy product can do that? Most of the toy products out in the market require you to control the toys every move. With the Wow Wee Robotics Roboquad, you can just put in the correct setting and then you can already sit back and watch how it amazes not only you but also the people and even the pets around you.

The Wow Wee Robotics Roboquad is equipped with a sound and visual sensor. It will react to any loud noise and can even scan the environment and react to any factors that they see around. In fact it’s even built with advanced sensory features that allow it to quickly react to any stimulus. Plus it can even pursue any moving object that they detect in the surrounding area.

As soon as it senses something around it, without moving its body it will turn its head around to scan the environment. This Robot will do this using its infrared beam. After detecting an object it will move fast in that direction to pursue that object. The cool thing about it is that it in pursuing this object, it will be able to avoid any obstacles that stand in its way, like table edges. It will even go through doorways.

Though you can also directly control the product’s every movement, you can also leave it to an autonomous setting in which you can just leave it to monitor his surroundings. With the autonomous setting in place, you can control various factors to how he will move and even behave.

You will be able to play with how your Roboquad will react and behave to a certain stimulus through its Personality settings. Here you’ll be able to adjust its awareness, activity, and aggressiveness.

The State of Awareness allows you to adjust the Roboquad’s awareness level. If you set it at the highest level, it will spend much of its time actively scanning its surroundings and be alert to any sounds or objects around it. The State of Activity on the other hand will allow you to adjust how active it will be in the autonomous setting. At higher levels, it will travel at faster speeds and to further directions. The State of Aggressiveness will allow you to control the level in which it reacts to its environment. While the lower levels will make it more shy and nervous, the higher ones will make it angry and more aggressive.

This is perhaps the best rc robot out there in the market. This will be a great gift for young kids and even for adults who would love to watch their pets or even their friends be startled by this robot. The Wow Wee Robotics Roboquad is truly unlike any of its kind.

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